Various Administrative Scripts that are released with a "Creative Commons Version 3 - Attribution + Noncommercial + NoDerivatives" license (BY-NC-SA)
  • (create URLs file script) & (fetch packages script). Script to create a URLs fetch file for a master package and all its dependencies for tinycorelinux diskless. This is used when you want to create a full customized standalone file, to boot diskless machines over the network.
  • (build remastered cpio for tinycore). Script that automates the procedure of creating a remastered CPIO tinycore archive that can augment the core.gz archive with all these extra packages. With this procedure, you can boot from the local lan (PXE) or from the Internet (IPXE) a diskless machinewith your configuration.
  • Script that provides command line control of the Virtual Private Servers on VIMA ( Infrastructure, using python mechanize. Very usefull in combination with a ping/service check utility that detects VPS anomalies.
  • Script to aid in the installation of programms using the ports subsystem of the FreeBSD Operating System. It augments the portmaster program and contains some useful parameters. It is used in every FreeBSD Server of the campus. Also, you can download, which updates automatically all applications with vulnerabilities and which updates massively and automatically all installed ports on the server.
  • Script to help the administator locate possible problems on his system, after he has upgraded a package. This script, checks every file that requires dynamic linking with ldd, and print the missing dependencies. Install it at crontab, and you will be always notified of missing libraries, resulting in a malfunctioning FreeBSD system.
  • and and smartsocket.php.txt and Scripts to remotely control via web interface the Smart socket Kankun. Installation: SSH into the embedded system of smart socket as root, and issue these commands:
    cd /root ; 
    wget ; 
    chmod 755 ; 
    wget ; 
    chmod 755
    wget ;
    chmod 755
    Insert the line:
    /root/ &
    at /etc/rc.local before exit 0. Copy the smartsocket.php.txt to your PHP web server ommiting the txt extension. Edit and modify the [serverIP], [name] and [psk] fields. Edit smartsocket.php and modify the [psk] {to be the same as previous}.
  • A script to use command line partial upload using HTML 5 to the . It splits the file to many parts and uploads the parts using a common key. The backend uses bigupload.js library and multiple ajax calls. Also you can download the Linux 64bit binary quickshare.x86_64 or the Linux 32bit binary quickshare.i386 or the FreeBSD 64bit binary quickshare.freebsd.amd64 or for the Microsoft Windows operating System 32bit share32.exe or 64bit share64.exe .
  • A script to locate the file having a bad sector in FreeBSD FFS/UFS, when geom_vfs and/or smartctl repors a bad sector, like "g_vfs_done():ufs/storage[READ(offset=423260749824, length=131072)]error = 5", or "Completed: read failure 50% 52971 LBA_of_first_error 868624469"
  • Script to FIX FreeBSD IDS Errors and verify the correctness of the base system according to to Golden Copy (automatically created using this script). This script can aid the administrator to update local or golden image, fix permissions, fix missing files, fix obsolete files, fix empty dirs. It is used regularly on the FreeBSD servers administrered by DrMD. The golden image is fetched from a master ftp freebsd server. Can be used in the crontab, with the wrapper script
  • openvpn_client . A munin plugin to give a nice graph for OpenVPN client Statistics.