University of Western Macedonia

Department of Informatics and Telecommunications

Laboratory of Digital Systems and Computer Architecture

The concept

After the succesfull UOWM Massacre: The Game another team of students decided to create an improved FPS game, using a different 3D engine. This is the outcome...

ICTE Strike is a free First Person Shooter game made by two undergraduate students of University of Western Macedonia, in the free unreal engine 4.6 machine, which facilitates 3D game engineering, under the supervision of Dr. Minas Dasygenis. Note that in our Department there is no course on Game Development, and thus all this storyboard, graphics, programming was done by the students under supervision of their professor, who is a researcher on Embedded System Design.

In this game, you can play either with a number of bots (from 1 to 8), or with other humans, in two game modes: free for all and team deathmatch. All the maps are on an accurate scale of the real ones. Detailed measurements were made on all elements of the main building, as well as all the levels. In the building you can find 4 levels: the basement level which is the garage, the ground level which is a supermarket, the first level which belongs to the Department and the second level which is the roof.

In order to make it more appropriate for the gameplay, we inserted two ladders for the second level and we created in each level one more entry in order to have at least two entry points in each level.

The first screen is the start Screen

In this screen, the player can select the mode of the gameplay. He can opt to create a HOST or JOIN another lan server. To play in a single player mode he can HOST a game and input the number of bots.

Starting the game

When the game starts or after a kill a countdown timer appears in order to prepare the player for the battle.


The game supports statistics by pressing the tab key. Also you can press the tilde ~ key and access the console of the game, which accepts every unreal engine console command.

Realistic Model of the Building

The building carry all the necessary details with great accuracy. For example, in the coffee corner you can find the exact same poster as depicted in the game. In the amphitheatrum you can find the exact type, color and number of seats. The freezer with ice-creams has the same brand.


In game, you have two weapons to select:
  • Automatic Rifle
  • Grenade Launcher


Game Developers :
  • Dimitris Naikopoulos
  • Ioannis Savvidis
Supervised by : The game was created with the free version of Unreal 4.6 game engine ( https://www.unrealengine.com/ ) . All the weapon and people models were downloaded for free from open archives.
THIS IS A FREE GAME. YOU USE THIS GAME AT YOUR OWN RISK. To the best of the teams's knowledge there is no problem, but do check it and notify us if you find something.
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You can download our game for free here: (324 MB):
Microsoft Windows 64bit