Proposed Thesis

This is the list of the available diploma theses topics by Dr. Dasygenis Minas. The items of the list are gradually updated as students apply for them and I accept to supervise, or as I add new topics.

Students wishing to apply for one of these topics, should first read the document: "Short Guide on Diploma Thesis under the supervision of Dr. Dasygenis (in Greek)" and then visit the online appointment system in order to schedule a meeting in my office hours for public. Another document "Short Guide on Writing the Diploma Thesis by Dr. Dasygenis (in Greek)" should be followed by the students that I supervise, during the diploma thesis writing.

The supervision of the thesis is assisted by the Informational System itasks developed at our laboratory.

Students wishing to propose a topic, should download, edit and e-mail back to me, the 1-page thesis proposal form, giving attention to the rules of proper writing, referenced above. Alternative, they can download, edit and e-mail back to me a presentation of their idea, using the thesis proposal presentation (odp file for Libre Office), or they can download, edit and e-mail back to me their laboratory exercise, using the laboratory exercise template (odt file for Libre Office).

  • Various extra thesis topics are also placed on the file OpenTasks which is found on the General Course Instruction presentation (γενικές πληροφορίες μαθήματος) on the eclass
  • Except this page, multiple cutting edge diploma thesis topics can be found on the file OpenTasks, which its link can be found on any of my eclass course pages under the "General Course Guidelines" - "Γενικές Πληροφορίες Μαθήματος".

  • Design of an automated vehicle counting system using digital image processing techniques
  • Design and implementation of a web application environment to assess the efficiency and manufacturability of chemical processes* (* in cooperation with a major Greek pharmaceutical company) (php,html,mysql,css,javascript,pdo)
  • Design and Implementation of an automatic car number plate recognition system (web site, camera, pc, video input, character number ocr, android)
  • Design and Implementation of an FPGA number plate recognition accelerator (fpga, vhdl)
  • Design and Implementation of a system to capture motion, using embedded wearable sensors (arduino,accelerometer,esp8266,3d reconstruction, PC)
  • **NEW**Design and Implementation of an information system for student alimentation consisting of a Web and smartphone and Desktop Application (android,php/mysql/css/pdo, visual studio express, qr code, tpdf library)
  • **NEW**Design and Implementation of an event ticket management consisting of a website and android application (android,php/mysql/css, PDO, paypal, 1D / 2D barcodes)
  • **NEW** Development of an Application for smart devices for view and contact with Doctors around Greece
  • **NEW** Design and implementation of an e-complain site and mobile application in Apache Cordova for all popular OS (goals @ page 68 of digitalgreece2020) (also read: )
  • **NEW** Design and implementation of a Remote FPGA laboratory for Embedded Systems Design (two Altera DE2-115 1FPGA boards to be operated remotely via remote desktop, with webcam to monitor the board, and connected peripherals. A web server will grant Remote access to authorized students for the time alltoment. An arduino will assist in handling the switches and push buttons via robotic manupilation. )
  • **NEW** Design and implementation of a customizing messaging system to increase client awareness , consisting of a web site and mobile clients (php,mysql,android,google cloud messaging,bootstrap,ios,windows mobile)
  • **NEW** A software EDA tool to convert between Dasygenis aHDL netlist format and edif netlist format (programming in one popular language C or C++ or Java or Python)
  • **NEW** A web system for management of electronic candles at Churches (html5,arduino,php/mysql,css,html,bootstram)
  • **NEW** Design and Implementation in FPGA a Casino roullette tracking ball algorithm (vhdl,fpga)
  • **NEW** Design and Implementation in CPU a Casino roullette tracking ball algorithm (opencv, C/C++, arduino, construction of the structure)
  • **NEW** Design and Implementation in CPU a ping pong ball tracking algorithm (opencv,C/C++)
  • **NEW** Design and Implementation in FPGA a ping pong ball tracking algorithm (vhdl,fpga)
  • **NEW** Electronic buzzer design for fast food orders and design of a web IT system to support it (html5,arduino,wireless,case 3dprint,php/mysql,css,html)
  • **NEW** Cooperative Interactions among Densely Deployed WLAN Access Points* (linux,C,telecom,networks,python,shell scripts) (* in cooperation with a Cyprus University)
  • Design and Implementation of VHDL authentication device.
  • Design of an Information System for supporting a quality testing certified lab according to ELOT EN ISO 17025 standard.
  • Design and Implementation of a ha rdware and software system for the extraction, transmission and management of the information transmit ted by a vehicle's CANBUS.
  • System on Chip Design using VHDL on Altera or Xilinx boards.
  • VHDL Implementation of recent research works on Residue Number System.
  • Design of various IP components in VHDL for SoC design.
  • Implementation of Computer Vision algorithms on tracking objects.
  • Parellelization of the HDL2013 compiler tool (tool designed by Dasygenis for VHDL synthesis. Requires OpenMPI and OpenMPI)
  • A tool to perform source-to-source transformations for inserting array access counters, for visualizing multithread parallel accesses.
  • Design and implementation of a hardware and software system to decode NAND flash chips (in cooperation with a well-established data recovery company in Athens).
  • Conceptual computing using ASUS xtion stereoscopic camera and a dynamic web server for blackboard drawing.
  • 3D mapping of a room using ASUS xtion stereoscopic camera mounted on an embedded system.
  • A C or python compiler for the PLX cpu.
  • Design and implementation of the i-plagiarism web site.
  • A unified configuration manager web site and supporting posix daemons for FreeBSD, Debian and Ubuntu servers.
  • An optical card recognition based poker advisor for online gameplay.
  • An open source VHDL compiler targeting cloud computing.(c , python)
  • Developing aHDL models and testbenches for state of the art Residue Number System modules (aHDL is a netlist published by me).
  • Controling a 5-axes robot, using conceptual computing (in conjuction with the Robotics Laboratory of ICTE).
  • Design and Implementation of a personal recommendation system for student courses.
  • Implementation of a motion estimation kernel in FPGA.
  • Design and Imlementation of an open source website and supporting backend scripts for a short messaging system (SMS) addon on FreeSwitch PBX.
  • Design and Implementation of an unmanned vehicle and its supporting charging docking bay.
  • Design and Implementation of a smart elevator system with a native android application.
  • Design and Implementation of 4 programmable robotic vehicles to compete in a 2 vs 2 football match.
  • Design and Implementation of a hardware parallel/serial watchdog device and its linux/freebsd/windows driver.
  • Design and Implementation in VHDL the DCPU16 core.
  • Design and Imlementation of a low cost eco friendly hardware and software system for controlling and monitoring energy consumption using arduino and android.( arduino,android,nrf24L01,lcd,relay,wifi,packaging,php,mysql,css,ajax)
  • Design and Implementation of a flexible low cost personal response system. (atmega328p,nrf24L01 or 433 MHZ Wireless transmitter/receiver,ethernet shield,custom pcb design,soldering,packaging,php,mysql,css)
  • Design and Implementation of a TV Game Show(android server/android client)
  • Create the verilog output module of my HDL2013 compiler tool (c or python)
  • A realtime emotion detection system (opencv,C/C++ programming)
  • Analysis and implementation of a hardware trojan injection at an open source softcore (VHDL)
  • Analysis and implementation of a software trojan injection at popular open source software (C)
  • Design and implementation of an FPGA PCI-xpress accelerator (VHDL,C,kernel/driver programming)
  • Design and implementation of an FPGA IP configurable block for the paper: High Performance Architecture for Full Search Block Matching Algorithm 2015 (VHDL)

You can also visit Dr. Dasygenis web page about current and previous thesis supervision